Whether you’re driving across the border or coming from Tijuana, traveling to the Valle de Guadalupe is easy. Here are some tips and information to make it as safe and seamless as possible.

How long does it take to drive to the Valle de Guadalupe?
It takes about 2 hours from downtown San Diego to Finca Altozano, our festival site in the heart of the Valle de Guadalupe: Map Here. It takes less than 1.5 hours to get from downtown Tijuana to Valle de Guadalupe. Map Here. Your GPS will also get you there.
Is it a safe drive to Valle de Guadalupe?

The toll road, marked Ensenada Cuota, is a safe, divided, well-maintained road that starts at Rosarito and takes you to the entrance to Ensenada. There are three tolls on the way down, each of which is $2.05 cents. You can pay in dollars or pesos; save the ticket that the toll person gives to you; it acts as your insurance should you have an accident on the toll road.

Do I need Mexican insurance to drive in Mexico?

We recommend purchasing insurance online through Sanborn’s Insurance before traveling. All US plated vehicles need to have a Mexico insurance policy issued by a Mexican insurance company. Mexico does not recognize foreign insurance. Even though a US policy might cover physical damage within a 25 mile radius from the border, you would not have liability coverage in case you are at fault in an accident. Having the right Mexico insurance coverage is important and will help having the peace of mind needed to have a great experience while enjoying Valle de Guadalupe. 

What are the options for transportation within Ensenada and Valle de Guadalupe?

Many locals and travelers use Uber as a way to get around Ensenada and Valle de Guadalupe. You can also take an Uber from the Tijuana airport or Tijuana border to Valle de Guadalupe. The cost is approximately $60. Contact the concierge at your hotel to arrange a car service to and from the festival.

How can I avoid the long lines at the border?

The best way to minimize the border wait when returning to the United States is to have a Sentri pass, which allows you to enter a designated “Sentri” lanes, which are generally shorter and faster-moving, cutting down on the border wait significantly. Click here for more information on obtaining your Sentri pass. Keep in mind that getting a Sentri pass can sometimes take several months. We suggest applying as soon as possible to increase the likelihood that your Sentri gets to you on time. If you (and your car) have Sentri but your friends don’t, you may want to drop them off, let them walk across, and meet you on the other side. (They will probably beat you there!) Finding the Sentri lane is half the battle. Click here for directions on finding the Sentri line at the Tijuana border.

Another option is to cross the border at Tecate, which means leaving the Valle de Guadalupe from a different direction. There is no Sentri line at Tecate; lines are generally shorter. Keep in mind that this drive consists of undivided mountain roads.

What is the best time to cross?

If you are leaving Sunday, the best time to leave Valle de Guadalupe is before 7 a.m. If you are leaving Monday, the best time to leave is after 9 a.m.

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