Ruffo Ibarra

ORYX Capital | Tijuana, MX

Chef Ruffo was raise in Tijuana, the terren entrance to the border most active of the planet. He enjoyed cooking since he was a kid, appreciated the time he had with his mother in the kitchen.

His father was not so exited of him forming this as his career until he saw him he was decided to demonstrate his vision and passion in this career. He worked at Gran Hotel Tijuana at day for free and at night Baci in San Diego. Then he signed up to Culinary Art School in Tijuana. He started working for Javier Plascencia at Romesco in San Diego, California. Later for Jesús Sánchez at Cenador de Amos, a restaurant with two Michelin stars at Cantabria, Spain. He came back with enough experience to expand and become a caterer.

He opened Oryx Capital his restaurant on 2015 where it offers a fusion between Cali-Baja and 6 months later a bar Nortico with as a family business.

Recently he traveled to Modena, Italy to cook and learn from Massimo Bottura in Osteria Francescana.When he came back he was name Promesa Culinaria which means Culinary promise by the Todos Santos magazine. Oryx Capital was named Restaurant of the year by CANIRAC from Baja California.