Emevé Vinícola

Emevé Wines was born from the restlessness of Mr. Mario Villarreal to venture into the world of viticulture, his life had been dedicated to other businesses, however, his passion for the countryside, vineyards and wine was generating an eagerness to explore the field of viticulture.

The Emevé brand has its origins in the initials of Mr. Mario Villarreal, instead of MV, the brand of wines is written in a way that is true to the way it is pronounced in Spanish, finally being Emevé.

He began to plant grapes in 2004, in 2006 he had his first wine production, however, it was not for sale to the public, it was only shared and enjoyed with family and friends. For the year 2008, when seeing the quality and the success of the wine, between his close friends Mr. Villarreal decided to commercialize the product.