Oswaldo Flores

52Kool | Tijuana, MX

Oswaldo Flores Lagunas “Rasta” was born on 3/1/91 in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. He is passionate about Mexican cuisine and the grill!

He started as a cook at Cazaclub. After a few months, he went on a trip to several states in Mexico with an eagerness to develop his own style. This trip strengthened his knowledge and taste for the grand, often times mythical Mexican cuisine.

At the end of his trip, he embarked on a series of short stays at restaurants and inns throughout several states. He finally decided to return to Tijuana where he had the opportunity to be Sous Chef at Traslomita, a restaurant that opened in 2014 with Chef Humberto Avilés. There he acquired rudimentary technical knowledge and an appreciation for open-air kitchens where creativity transcends the typical usage of fresh vegetables and local proteins. His time at Traslomita further inspired him to do something unique. Today, he does just that at Telefónica Gastropark, Osadía con Cervecería Insurgente, and 52 Kool Restaurante. He makes history with a Mexican cuisine adapted to seafood products, smoke, grill, and unconventional techniques which characterizes the Baja Californian food scene.