Omar Valenzuela

Orígen | Valle de Guadalupe, MX

Omar Valenzuela Lugo, Chef from Ensenada, graduated from Universidad Autónoma de Baja California.

Current Executive Chef at Hotel Encuentro Guadalupe.

The ingredients that the kitchen at Encuentro Guadalupe utilizes are primarily local with a focus on the usage of seasonal products, as well as that of dairy products and seafood from the coasts of Ensenada. The majority of the vegetables are cultivated on site and the rest come from local orchards. The smoked tastes are distinctive of Valle de Guadalupe cuisine, which Omar likes to add to his dishes. Omar utilizes his products from root to stem and leaf to flower, which he uses as decoration on his plates.

In addition to offering fresh seasonal products, he ensures that his diners enjoy the flavors and presentation of his plates as they take in the incredible panoramic view of the Valle de Guadalupe that Orígen offers.