Miguel Ángel Guerrero

La Querencia | Tijuana, MX

One of the creators of Baja Med cuisine, Tijuana native Miguel Angel is a lawyer by profession. However, his love for cooking drove him to study at the prestigious Ambrosia Culinary Center and to become the extraordinary chef that he is.

Miguel Angel comes from one of the founding families of Tijuana. His cooking style began at early age thanks to his Spanish ancestry and his constant interaction with the countryside, nature and the sea, translating later into a great fondness for sport hunting, diving, and fishing. His primary culinary influence are: Authentic Mexican flavors, including ingredients such as dried chiles, masa, tortillas, marinades, moles, and other sauces; Mediterranean cuisine, including ingredients such as olives, vegetables, cheeses, and olive oil; and the cuisine of China, whose influences came to Baja after Chinese communities settled in the Mexicali Valley during the Gold Rush. Miguel Angel Guerrero’s original dishes utilize seasonal fish and game as well fresh produce harvested from gardens in Tijuana, Mexicali, and Valle de Guadalupe.

Miguel Ángel has been the subject of articles in the written press, television, and radio at a national and international level such as Reforma, México Desconocido, Sabor Art, A-List, The Universal, WARP, The New York Times, Riviera, Good Living and Day Seven, among others. He currently stars in the television program “Baja Expedition, the reality …” broadcast on national television by TV Azteca a + channel.