Mario Peralta

Fuego Cocina del Valle | Valle de Guadalupe, MX

The Chef Mario Peralta from the capital of Baja California, has lived most of his life in the border city of Tijuana, comes from a family where their ancestors were dedicated to agriculture and some others to the manufacture of sausages and spices, which explains a little his passion and dedication to the Earth and Craft Product, his career started to take off a couple of years ago, and his name started to sound at the scene of the food after participating in various successful projects in Tijuana, as they are, the Mision 19 Restaurant where he was in charge of the grill and then became part of operation in floor unfold as Maitre D where He evolved his perception towards customer care which is now reflected in his work, also played an important role in the creation of successful projects such as Urban Gastro Bar, where he was the creator of a menu of mixology and food that had everyone talking throughout the city in the summer of 2013, after that dares to do the same with his lifelong friends from Bodega Sushi Loft and Culinary Guild D runner in Colonia Cacho Tijuana, his instruction, “casual” was at a trade school in the city of Milan in Italy where he lived from 2001 to 2003 where he had the opportunity to live in the pre Alpine the farming profession area of Italy where also learned and where most of all learned the meaning seasons and how to leverage what you have available when and how to take advantage of this, has a great passion and a sense awake to nature which clearly gets all of its inspiration, the chef and now recognized as one of the most outstanding state, it is from a year ago in the Valle de Guadalupe where he found a platform to be released now to a more demanding and more diverse audience, this platform is called Restaurant Fuego Kitchen Valley, and is one of the restaurants more outstanding and most visited of Valle de Guadalupe, there you can find him cooking or organic orchard where spends much of the time, is remarkable evolution that this opportunity you gave the chef in your kitchen to find a rhythm and harmony that is and feel in each of their dishes, which always emphasizes the quality and freshness of its dishes.