Maribel Aldaco

Fauna | Valle de Guadalupe, MX

Born in 1990, Maribel Aldaco Silva grew up in Ensenada, BC where she also studied in the Oenology & Gastronomy School UABC. Her first approach to pastry was at age 7 when her best friend taught her how to make cakes and cookies from scratch. She then started her career as a practitioner for chef Jair Téllez at ‘Restaurante del parque’ and ‘Laja’. At age 19 se moved to Mexico City and worked at ‘Merotoro’ and ‘Jaso’, it was a this two restaurants where she really developed her cooking skills but she always felt more inclined towards confectionery.

In 2012, Maribel seeks the opportunity to keep learning at ‘Martín Berastegui’, a 3 Michelin stars restaurant in San Sebastián, for 3 months. She then moves to New York and works for Dan Barber on Blue Hill at Stone Barns and for chef Daniel Humm at The Nomad Hotel, here is where she perfectioned her confectionery skills all the way from service production, pastry and viennoiserie.

In 2015 she moves to San Francisco to work at the opening of ‘Cala’ restaurant alongside Gabriela Cámara and David Castro. Later on she worked at ‘Quince’ (3 Michelin stars) for chefs Shawn Gawle and Michael Tusk. It was on 2017 when the opportunity to go back home presented itself with the opening of ‘Fauna’ restaurant at Bruma in Valle de Gaudalupe with chef David Castro where she now works mainly as the pastry chef, her specialty being confectioneries.