Marco Marín

Latitud 32 | Valle de Guadalupe, MX

Passionate about the culinary world from an early age, Chef Marco Marin grew up in a cooking environment, tasting the flavor of the southeastern region of Mexico and, thanks to his mother, developing a love and sensibility for the kitchen. Today Marco is the creator of the Baja-Yucatan fusion cuisine, in which the goal is to interpret dishes, flavors, aromas and memories in the restaurant Latitud 32 in El Cielo winery located in the Guadalupe Valley.

Chef Marco is tasked with presenting a style of cooking where regional ingredients, coming from the Pacific Ocean and the local orchards, are praised adding to these the history of the Yucatecan Cuisine through the usage of chiles, annattos and other ingredients that encompass the traditions of the Mayan culture, ingredients that are delivered from the other side of the country to be presented to our customer.

Taking a gamble on a style of cooking that is honest and embraces ingredients from 2 very different regions, Chef Marco seeks to continue to gamble on this fusion as his different and irreverent style has had great acceptance in the Baja.