Marcelo Hisaki

Amores | Tecate, MX

29 year old Marcelo Hisaki is a cook and chef, and a Mexican of Japanese origin born in CDMX (Nikkei). He is a teacher at the Culinary Arts School in Tijuana. For his first jobs, he worked as a delivery man and dishwasher at a Chinese restaurant at age 15. 

When he first started his career in the culinary world his family endured an economic crisis, which is why he was unable to continue his studies. However, he continued to work in the culinary industry and purchased cookbooks. He had incredible mentors and developed incredible friendships thanks to his involvement.

At 20 years old, Fundación Turquois gave him the opportunity to travel to Monaco to develop his French technique in the Monte Carlo hotel and restaurant, where he met his wife and was able to work in important kitchens.

6 years ago he and his wife decided to open their first project which they named Amores, a kitchen of inspiration in the city where his wife grew up, Tecate.