Javier Plascencia

Finca Altozano | MXs

Javier Plascencia is a down-to-earth, charismatic man, who is continuously in the search for flavor. Born in Tijuana, and brought up in a hardworking family, Javier is a person with a natural curiosity for taste. This has led him to take an adventurous journey, first into Baja, and then to the rest of the world to find unique ingredients. There are no limits to his culinary vision.

After studying in San Diego, he opened his first restaurant in Tijuana in 1989, and today he is one of the most prolific entrepreneurs of the region, with several establishments, all with innovative concepts.

Also known as an ambassador, Javier Plascencia proudly represents Baja California, and speaks highly of it wherever he goes. He is a fervent promoter of local products, from wine and beer to meat from organic farms and seafood.

The story of Javier continues with his outdoors activities. The beautiful locations in the region put a spell on him, so he takes every opportunity to enjoy his favorite hobbies on the beach, valley or any other natural scenery of Baja California.