Early in her Baja Californian childhood Viviana noticed how kitchens would always bring all kinds of people together. Whether she was amongst friends, family, acquaintances or even complete strangers, she understood that food in Mexico was not just a part of every day’s culture and nourishment, but also people’s vastest form of affection.
With a profound love for gastronomy and after graduating from Architecture in 2011 she began the journey of food creation by opening an outdoor restaurant where cooks, guests and the Valle de Guadalupe’s vineyard experience would interact fully. She did it at the heart of Relieve Vinícola, her family’s vineyard.

One of her family’s third generation of food creatives, in an ever-growing region of gastronomy and viniculture, today, Viviana’s cooking style fosters local ingredients focusing in sea produce presented in a Mexican Mediterranean modern cuisine. Every day she carefully acquires fresh produce solely from endemic and locally grown specimens. She has paired her menu to the house wines of Relieve and to el Valle’s burgeoning and creative lifestyle. Her food is a reflection of her Baja Californian soul, down-to-earth, honest, simple, yet rich and flavorful.