Executive Chef Daniel Horn oversees the food and beverage program at Cuyama Buckhorn in New Cuyama, CA, where he unites both local and global flavors to highlight the local farmland bounty of the area. Horn remains devoted to reimagining the abundant local products of the region through his straightforward yet approachable dishes, which keep simplicity and quality at the forefront.

Horn joined the remote, undiscovered New Cuyama property shortly after the resort’s reveal, following years of renovations. Horn has helped champion the restored resort’s mission of putting the bountiful and serene region on the map by highlighting the various cultures of the unique area, which include Chumash, Hispanic, and ranchero, as well as the rich history of the valley and the iconic establishment. With his philosophy of “keep it simple,” Horn uses his thoughtful menus to help prompt guests to naturally fall in love with the valley in which the retro-chic resort rests. Keeping this in mind, he has established close relationships with the local farmers of the area to source fresh, high-quality ingredients for Cuyama Buckhorn. 

Guests have the opportunity to experience his locally-focused approach with creative dishes that are both familiar an unexpected, such as The Valley Burger featuring local Cuyama Wagyu beef and Cuyama Valley cheese and organic free-range egg, and his Cuyama Valley Lamb Chili special featuring locally-produced lamb and regional Rancho Gordo Pinquito Beans, as well as rotating seasonal produce-forward dishes, such as his cauliflower soup which Horn says is “comforting and flavorful without fuss.” Horn also takes pride in utilizing the regional cooking techniques of Central CA, including smoking the Buckhorn Restaurant’s meats over the property’s iconic red oak grill for authentic Santa Maria-style cuisine. “I want guests to experience the valley through our food,” Horn says. “And I want to give them another reason to be eager to return.”