Bianca Castro-Cerio

Biscotti’s | Mexicali, MX

Bianca Castro-Cerio T. es una de las figuras más relevantes de la gastronomía y la repostería de Baja California.

Bianca Castro-Cerio is one of the most important figures of Baja in gastronomy and pastry. Her love and passion for gastronomy and specially for pastry inspired her to learn with her Nonna (which means grandmother in Italian). Together, they developed Biscotti´s Repostería Fina in xx, initiated in 2000, placing her in the eye of the national gastronomic scene.

Castro-Cerio studied at CIA of Greystone, CA, Culinary Art School, and in Espaisucre, applying what she learned to her pastries and cakes. She appeared on Baja California Television (televisa BC and Sky) promoting the state gastronomy before Baja´s cuisine turned so popular. She has also been part of various events : PacifiCook, Baja Culinary Fest / Ensenada Gastronómica ( conference and dinners) and in Gastronomicón where she gave conference of “New tendencies” and “10 steps to avoid while baking” to more than 800 attendees. She has also collaborated in non profit events “Cena de vendimias de Vinisterra” and conference and dinner in Mitolt ( Morelos, México).