Adriá Montaño

Don Ramen | Tijuana, MX

Something that Adriá has clear is that she cooks because she loves to eat. From a very young age her parents took her from culinary exploration to different restaurants and corners, there she tried everything, always choosing the rarest options on the menu, to be able to meet new proposals and get out of the ordinary, this has allowed her to have access to proposals and even different ingredients than the Tijuana residents are accustomed to.

She studied at the Culinary Art School in Tijuana, the city where she grew up and where she learned that diversity is natural to créate.

She is part of a new generation of chefs, those who appreciate the exquisite but comfortable food, the one that unites dialogues and ideas, the one that experiences, but, above all, the one that understands the diners eager to leave the comfort zone.

Her culinary proposal is related to the influence of different cultures, but always Tijuanense:
Georgina Restaurant, one of the new classics of Tijuana, is a fusion of American, Mexican, European and Oriental cuisine to which Tijuana residents are very accustomed, it is really something special: Elegance, comfort and food.

In addition, she also has her popular ¨food trucks¨, the first is don ramen (Asian), the second Azarosa (Californian – French) also has alimentalia which is “meal prep.” In turn it is food according to your needs -Measure, because in turn it worries about food issues (then, here you will find everything).

From a very young age, she stayed at renowned restaurants such as République in Los Angeles (temporarily making a stage) and was chef de cuisine at Misión 19, a well-known restaurant in Tijuana.

She has worked the last 10 years in restaurants on both sides of the border, between the United States and Mexico. Her dishes are a trip that does not forget the inputs or the Mexican origins, but with modernity and play.

Adria is cheerful and passionate, not afraid of challenges and was a contestant on the TV show Top Chef México.

What is very important in her kitchen and her style, is the taste and that “look rich”. Something that is very clear is that each ingredient and each element have “a why”.

Adria thinks that sometimes a woman must show twice as much as a man in the kitchen. Fortunately, there are many like her who look for their own ways, who surpass expectations and who have fun working.